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Aquaman (2018)
Entirely forgettable.
29 December 2018
Maybe I'm just growing more discerning in my middle age, but it seems to me these superhero movies are getting ever more formulaic and predictable. Served its purpose as mindless entertainment I suppose, but a 7 out of 10 movie it is not. I can't help but feel these IMDB scores are manipulated significantly to sway the movie going cattle. Questionable casting, Black Mantis got his ass whooped with every appearance, no plot twists. It's mediocre at best.
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Enjoyable, but...
18 October 2018
Warning: Spoilers
A haunted house series?! Not a movie, but a series. It was just too compelling a proposition to pass up, so I binge watched it in no time. Very well adapted to the small screen. Atmospheric, often chilling, frequent intense exchanges of dialogue and at times poetic. However, the final scenes sucked!!! Like an epic song concluding on a badly chosen chord. So much story building and emotional investment, dumped on by a clunky and wholely unsatisfying "happily ever after" finale, complete with a schmaltzy strummed acoustic song of abject mediocrity over the final narrated lines, sucking the life out of any desire to see a second series.

The upshot; Great journey, but the destination stunk it up!!
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Wake me up when there's some action.
28 July 2018
Well I have to say I'm dissapointed. Enjoyed the first one, but this was pretty weak writing. Pacing was laboured for the first half of the movie, plot threads didn't really stitch together seamlessly and there were a couple of pointless side stories that just felt contrived and added nothing to the experience. This has all been seen and done before. It's classic wait for the DVD" material... Or download... Or stream.

That said, Denzel commands your attention and he's convincing in the role, so it's not a complete write off.
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Spoiler Alert: This is a cash grab.
23 May 2018
Oh dear!! Never has a franchise been so abused for such a cynical cash grab. I'll give it to you straight. It wasn't teribble; but it wasn't good either. I tend to think that as the second stand alone Star Wars movie, they didn't need to deal with such an iconic character, unless the story was so compelling that it just needed to be told. And based on the evidence here, it wasn't and didn't. The casting was clunky. Clearly aimed at luring a few more bums on seats by appealing to the fan bases of TV pop culture juggernauts Game Of Thrones and Westworld with their respective leads showing up here. I'd pay little attention to this gripe if the movie was fantastic, but it fell far short of that. The attempts at humour are hit and miss, and whatever character development there was left me uninvested in their fates; No emotional engagement as I had in Rogue One. All in all it was underwhelming and disappointing and as I'm well into my middle age years, I see this as purely an exercise at gaining box office dollars rather than delivering a worthy chapter in the epic Star Wars universe.
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Requiem (2018)
First class writing and performances
4 May 2018
A very well written and produced gothic chiller. The first two episodes seduced me completely, and though it'd be valid to suggest the pacing was a little laboured over the middle episodes, it certainly provided plenty of chills in a hauntingly beautiful Welsh town backdrop and showcased convincing and compelling performances from its excellent cast. Kudos also to the composer of the main theme; It compliments and enhances the tone of the story perfectly. Thoroughly enjoyable.
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Salvation (2017–2018)
Sci fi for Dummies
2 May 2018
Warning: Spoilers
This is one of those infuriating shows that is all at once utterly dreadful yet leaves you tragically compelled to watch. It's clearly following the Designated Survivor blueprint; takes a fascinating premise and executes with a low IQ audience in mind. Clunky unnatural dialogue fills each episode to explain basic geopolitics for an audience assumed to be worldly oblivious. One example is in an early episode; heads of various government agencies assemble in some kind of mission control like room in a high drama situation. America needs to use another countries deep space probe, or something or other, to have it intercept this asteroid of doom at haste. There are three possibilities in descending order of proximity to said asteroid. First named country, China, precipitates furrowed brows and meaningful looks. No explanation needed. America has lousy relations with China. Next.... Iran. Forget it. We all know they're irrational and unhinged. Thirdly... India. Peoples faces brighten. We have a winner. Nuff said... But then, for all the clueless imbeciles out there, one of the protagonists states, "An American Ally!!" As if this room full of government and military officials needed the clarification. Clunky clunky dialogue. And it comes thick and fast.

The love interests and sexual tension are all over the place. Everyone is easy on the eye and the main protagonist is an irritating gen y pleb that I just want to punch in the face everytime he opens his mouth. EVERY. TIME.

But apart from all cliched plot lines, horrible writing and one dimensional self righteous characters, I can't get enough of it. I can literally feel myself getting dumber with each episode. Binge watch the entire season at your peril, for you could end up actually brain dead.

But I do hope it gets a second season. I'm hooked.
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