Ahlat Agaci (2018) Poster


Dogu Demirkol: Sinan Karasu



  • Sinan Karasu : When we learn we are not so important why is our instinct to be hurt? Wouldn't it be better to treat it as a key moment of insight? We engender our own beliefs. Thus we need to believe in separation as much as in beauty and love, and to be prepared. Because rupture and separation in wait for everything beautiful. In which case, why not treat these tribulations as constructive disasters that help us pierce our own mysteries.

  • Sinan Karasu : You know, sometimes things I see in you, me and even Grandad remind me of a wild pear tree. I don't know. We're all misfits, solitary, misshapen.

    Idris Karasu : Everyone has their own temperament. The thing is being able to accept and like it.

  • Sinan Karasu : All these small-minded, bigoted people like peas in a pod.

  • Sinan Karasu : And your heart, what does it say?

    Hatice : My heart? When did my heart last say anything?

  • Sinan Karasu : That's the theory of life. Everyone takes their stress out on someone else.

  • Sinan Karasu : Live in Ia-Ia land, ignore the possibility of breaking up. Then when real life hits home, just blame other people.

  • Sinan Karasu : There are no facts, only interpretations

  • Sinan Karasu : How can a writer be credible if he can't see his real self?

  • Sinan Karasu : Iron doesn't become steel without time in the furnace.

  • Sinan Karasu : Nobody's more dependable than a person who's alone with his conscience and free will. Because he builds this responsibility, he doesn't receive it. So he must undertake all the consequences of his acts.

    Imam Veysel : Who says free will is free? Even if it was, how could you trust it?

    Sinan Karasu : It's not for everyone. Isn't that why people without the courage choose servitude over existence?

    Imam Veysel : All rivers are born as furious waterfalls but grow calm on their way to the sea. But your raging rivers drag along lots of pebbles and sticks, too.

    Sinan Karasu : Just like strong characters drag underdogs and losers with them?

  • Imam Nazmi : Someone wrote that if the truth was proven to be outside Islam, he'd rather choose Islam than the truth.

    Sinan Karasu : Which proves the famous argument that faith is wanting not to know the truth.

  • Sinan Karasu : Abuse, sins, crimes. Are you calling them fate now? Disappointments are fate's fault. Successes are our own doing.

  • Sinan Karasu : But no one should consider themselves pure as the driven snow. He may have lost a lot on the horses. His house, car, honour, pride, respectability. But aren't your salaries paid with the ill-gotten gains of horse races or the lottery?

  • Sinan Karasu : It's normal to call someone insane if no one understands them.

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