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One of the best superhero series!
ahmetkozan30 March 2016
After delivering a wonderfully crafted show with Agent Carter, Marvel is back with another one, Daredevil. I love Netflix. They are enjoying good business. I think Marvel is one step ahead according to DC in TV series.

My favorite was superhero series Daredevil. He is lawyer in the morning but he fights with criminals at nights. The fight scenes are quite impressive and realistic. Hallway scene in first season, stairs scene in second season. Enormous scenes!

The show has a great atmosphere and is extremely dark, but it has a couple of jokes fitted around. The characters are greatly acted and the story is one of the greatest stories that has been on TV recently. The supporting cast is very good and characters get a lot of shared screen time, exploring street level hero stuff in ways we haven't seen and providing some real grit and action like never before in this genre.

Punisher and Elektra were above my expectations. I can't believe this surpassed my expectations. The show is perfect, by far the best superhero show to have ever played on screen. This is by far my favorite thing the MCU has produced thus far.

Daredevil is a must watch for Superhero fans, DC, Marvel or both. And I'm sure, you'll enjoy it! 10/10
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Season 3...
Kingofthehill00020 October 2018
Let me start by saying Daredevil season 1 was so great it was the reason I got Netflix.Daredevil season 2 for me was ok,I really liked the punisher but I didn't feel much for the main plot.but wow season 3 ..I would probably get my memory erased to relive this masterpiece again... Every character which is introduced has a proper backstory.you actually care about each and every persons motives.you get to choose who you like.i love great villians and this show delivers not one but two.Wilson Fisk from season 1 itself was very impressive and season 3 he delivers an exemplary performance,but the person who stole the show was bullseye,his character development was amazing and the action scenes were phenomenal.usually shows have plot holes ,directors don't really care to fill them up but this show had no plot holes.It was really amazing ,they went for a bit unexpected ending which I really liked.usually multiple villains ruin movies and shows but this they did it so well.lol,this is probably how been afflecks Daredevil movie should have been.Must watch :)
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Miller's Daredevil Brought To Life
user-279-77371110 April 2015
Those familiar with comics will know Frank Miller's run on Daredevil is up there with the highest points of his career. Other writers, such as Bendis and Brubaker, hit similar highs in their writing of the character. It's something about Daredevil that brings out incredible storytelling, whether it be the downtrodden and persevering Matt Murdock or the gritty realism of the setting in contrast to the colorful heroes that populate comic books, Daredevil has had a history of fantastic luck with having its potential tapped on paper.

Now, that potential has been tapped on the screen. From the first episode you can tell the property has been adapted with love and a lot of hard work. The cinematography is beautiful in every frame. The characters could not have been cast better. If this weren't actually a better deal for fans, getting 13 hours of (excellent) content, I would hope Charlie Cox could front a Daredevil movie franchise. Because he could carry it.

Daredevil has been the star of some of the best comics ever written, so the adaptation was always going to come under scrutiny. But how it holds up against them? This might actually be better.
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A reason to sign up for Netflix, all other facts aside
sbucklar10 April 2015
As a long term comic book nerd, and a huge fan of the Marvel cinematic universe and television properties - I wasn't sure what to make of the proposed Street Heroes development deal with Netflix, especially in light of the history with those characters in film (Affleck's disappointing Daredevil in particular). I was however pleasantly optimistic from the teaser releases.

I am breath taken with the end result. Vincent D'Onofrio is to my mind the standout star and an act of sheer casting genius as Kingpin. The menace and complexity in his voice even when he's not on screen, and the cold, calculating and distant aspect of his body language, and the delivery of his dialogue, shows both the depth of his talent as an actor and the brilliance of his casting. As a long term fan of D'Onofrio - and a huge fan of the king pin in the comic book universe - I'm thrilled at the prospect of his continued involvement with the Marvel cinematic universe.

The sound editing for the series in general, from D'Onofrio's voice overs to the audible representations of the protagonist's enhanced senses is a triumph. It begs to be recognized and awarded. It is perhaps as integral to success of the series as the performance of any of the characters.

Also, Deborah Ann Woll who played Jessica Hamby in True Blood remains equally gifted as an actress, stunning as an aesthetic work of art, and for a moment, just a little bit more naked than she was in her prior works. Which after 71 episodes of true blood with a celebrity crush on her - has to be a acknowledged as part of the reason for my immediate fondness for the series. But as talented as she is, the show would stand as remarkable even without her.

In the interest of fairness, there are some rough moments in the dialogue. The visual effects have moments of awkwardness in the earlier episodes. There is a sense in a few corners of the production group finding its feet. But it does seem to level out (and up) as the story progresses.
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As a Daredevil fan it's exactly what I hoped for.
m-mccabe-408-55313810 April 2015
Two episodes in so far, as a Daredevil fan it's exactly what I hoped for. I am a huge fan of the Daredevil comics, my favourite run being by Bendis and Maleev, and this show is how you would imagine a Daredevil TV show being. It's a dark, gritty sombre affair with some great action, there is a fight scene in episode two which is truly amazing.

Talking about action the best part for me is the action feels very realistic and brutal unlike the Daredevil film with its over the top wire work. Also very good in this show is the way his powers aren't shown in any fancy way, no sonar view or anything like that, it just emphasise his listening. The actors are all great too and the plots are compelling, just now I have nothing bad to say about this show.

When marvel got back the rights to Daredevil I was a little apprehensive of how they would portray his character, no worries there now I've seen it, or if they would use the character at all. I was worried if he did get his own show/film it'd be like the rest of the Marvel films/shows, light hearted action with great fan service and a good helping of comedic moments, which wouldn't of suited the dark world of Daredevil. But I can safely say to all you fellow hornhead fans that they have nailed everything about Daredevil perfectly.

I would highly recommend this show to Daredevil fans and fans of darker heroes like Batman, fans of the current MCU films/shows might not like the tonal change from those films/shows but it's exactly what the character needed. Now excuse me while I go watch some more! 10/10
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Now, this is what I called great
edogaringging10 April 2015
Spent my whole night, which I previously planned to go out with some folks, to watch some episodes of this. I have never really seen Daredevil as cool as how he is being portrayed in this series. I know that the comic book has always been dark and gritty, but with the effects they added to each scene, I feel just like trapped and cannot stop watching. The acting is well, I don't know how to put it, but I feel like I was watching real people doing real stuffs. The action scenes are awesome (I am not gonna say that it is as real as the lawyer acting). I have never even batted an eye to Daredevil before today (moreover after that previous movie), but I assure you, I will have his poster on my wall tomorrow.
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Unexpected surprise - A definite watch for any Comic Book, Graphic Novel, or Superhero Movie Fanatic
whim-beats10 April 2015
I have watched 7 episodes thus far and I have to say, I am both surprised and excited by this show.

I should say that "Daredevil" with Ben Affleck was my childhood movie - I was 11 years old. I didn't all out hate the movie despite the poor reception, and still don't, but even as a child I recognized it could have been so much better, for a thousand and one reasons. So when I heard Netflix was making a refurbished "Daredevil", I was skeptical at its success but also curious about its angle and possibilities the show could bring. To my surprise, Netflix's Daredevil fulfills that childhood longing of a better "Daredevil" - the show is both thrilling and well designed. The plot is exceedingly engaging and thrilling.The cast is also remarkable - which was an unexpected surprise. I had some doubts about the lead but I can say that I am impressed by Charlie Cox. As a fan of True Blood, it has also been a pleasure to see Deborah Ann Woll.

All and all, this show, for its make and platform, is a hit. I am more than confident the remainder of the season will continue to be just as good if not better. I highly recommend for any Comic book, Graphic Novel, and Superhero-Movie fanatic.
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Step in the right direction.
jessejames-8288510 April 2015
Didn't really have any expectations for Daredevil. After watching the movie as a kid and not overly enjoying it, I think Marvel has done an amazing job now that they have Daredevil back in their control. I love how mature it is compared to the other movies/shows Marvel have been doing in the MCU. The dark tone and violence they have incorporated will please a lot of people that have been wanting to see that from Marvel (me included). The cast and the writing are excellent and I look forward to possible appearances by other characters that Daredevil has either worked with or fought against in the comics. Very excited to see what else Marvel can produce with their characters that have yet to hit the screen.
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Best real life series comic-book adaptation!
crimson_knight_712 April 2015
Blinded as a young boy, Matt Murdock fights injustice by day in "Hell's Kitchen" as a lawyer with his best friend, Foggy Nelson, and a recent acquaintance Karen Page. At night, he combats against the corrupt as a vigilante first known as, "The Man in Black". With the help of his colleagues, Matt Murdock cleans up Hell's Kitchen eventually becoming "DareDevil".

Though I am more of a DC fan, Marvel and Netflix's "DareDevil" was the best real life series adaptation of a comic book character I have ever seen. This Marvel/Netflix original series provides us with an incredibly addictive story, and superb acting brought to you by Charlie Cox (Dare Devil), Elden Henson (Foggy Nelson), as well as Deborah Ann Woll (Karen Page). And let's not forget the amazing choreography for every action sequence. Everything about this series was remarkable and a significant improvement to the 2003 "DareDevil"; however, the graphic realism for some scenes is not for the faint of heart, so parental discretion is strongly advised.

In the end, this series was both thrilling and mesmerizing! If you weren't a fan of "DareDevil" before, you soon will be.

9 Stars!
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Thank you Netflix
ruhsa9 November 2018
As a comic books fan, I must say he's (Daredevil) one of the most complex characters. I loved it. The characters, story line, fight sequences, scores, production, cinematography, direction, music ,everything was great! Can't wait to see the next season. Season 1 - 8.8 Season 2 - 9.5 Season 3 - 9.3 .

Thank you Marvel, Thank you Netflix, simply a perfect show.
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Not what you think
robin_should10 April 2015
Well, here is a show that really surprised me. I was expecting the usual Marvel show, but what did I watch, a show with Gotham quality. The main players are at the moment still evolving, the acting is on par with the script and I hope they can keep it up to this standard and not fall into that "lazyness" that sometimes appears after a few shows. It would seem once again choosing a non-American as lead has paid-off. It's like the fresh blood into a dying species. So, for fans of the not so run of the mill comic adaption I can thoroughly recommend this, and for all those out there that need everything to be bright, colourful and loud you should watch this just to see how good something can be without all that. That makes it sound boring but I can assure you, you may just be as surprised as I was.

Update: Finished season 1 and I have nothing but praise for this show and can't wait for season 2. I wish I could give it a 10 but that would not leave me any room to raise my rating, which if season 2 is as good, I definitely will.
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Want the short version? Watch it.
scorpion-23310 April 2015
What can I say? Growing up I was a massive Daredevil fan but in my later years fell from grace on that front. After watching the first episode of Daredevil, though? I'm all in.

Acting was great. Was it perfect? No, but that, like this whole review, is an opinion. I thought Charlie Cox was great as Matt Murdock and seeing as I haven't seen Elden Henson since the Mighty Ducks days and The Mighty, he was also really good.

The action sequences were tense and I honestly feared for Matt's life in some scenario's, which, as you all know, is damn near impossible when making a superhero movie or television show. I mean, c'mon. Are they ever REALLY in trouble? In this case, it felt like he was.

I've heard some people have compared this to the likes of Arrow and I can see that, but is that a bad thing? Don't get me wrong, it definitely differs from Arrow, but the approach to the series is ALMOST in the same vein. Again, NOT a bad thing.

All in all, I will be watching the rest of the series and I will be patiently waiting for Season 2. This show is truly a sight to see, unless your Matt Murdock... No? Alright, here's my rating.

8.8/10. Superb.
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Best superhero tv show period.
grhill-058984 November 2018
I don't know what to say other than if you haven't seen this show yet, you need to stop what you are doing and check it out now.
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Post-Cancellation Review
danieljackthomas27 December 2018
Okay, I rarely do reviews on here, and when I say rarely, I mean I've done two others before.

Can I just say, that it is 1. CRIMINAL that this show has been cancelled by Netflix and 2. LIKELY that it's due to the Disney+ Streaming Service (regardless of rumours) and will hopefully be continued on there (or at least the character).

This is genuinely such an AMAZING series. From the acting, to the story-lines, to the character development to the fight choreography.

Trying to keep it as brief as possible, it pays extremely respectable homeage to the comicbook source material (DD, Kingpin & S3 Bullseye are all far better than i could have hoped for) whilst also featuring some of the greatest martial arts fight choreography in Western Film/TV. It really is hands down the best superhero series out there, and in my top 3 TV series of all time (Game of Thrones first & Stranger Things third).

It is that grounded in realism yet respectfully invested in the Marvel/Daredevil Universe that i recommend it to friends who love Superheroes/Sci-fi and those who don't. This really is the "Dark Knight" of Marvel productions, yet with better action.

I really can't praise this season anymore than I can, and I can only hope that the MCU continues with the adventures of Charlie Cox specifically (and the actors of kingpin, Bullseye, heck even Foggy and Karen) as they really make the characters who they are.

9.5/10 (I rounded to 10 for my vote)
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First of the Defenders comes out swinging.
cottemann10 April 2015
This is the Marvel show we have all been waiting for. It takes place in post Avengers New York and criminals are taking advantage of the city. What I like about this show is how naturally it fits in the world already created. The question has come up recently that there are several heroes in the universe that cant hold up their own movie but that people want to see. One of the ways was to include them the bigger hero's movies but it never feels like they are doing the characters justice. Then someone got the idea to do TV shows for them, and while Marvel Agents of Shield is one of the worst shows on television, Daredevil works great and I hope the Jessica Jones and Luke Cage are just as awesome.
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And then you go and cancel it !!
secret-1328827 December 2018
Netflix goes and cancels another great show. Time to spend you money elsewhere.
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Total BS of this shows cancellation.
cbarnes119 December 2018
A show as good as this and Netflix cancels it...Total Bulls#-%.
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One of the best live action comic book adaptations of all time.
lnvicta8 May 2016
Daredevil is the kind of show that, even when taken out of context, is still a great piece of work. Even if Marvel wasn't associated with this at all, Daredevil would still be one of the best crime/vigilante dramas out there. It's just great storytelling elevated by its superhero backdrop, with classic characters like Wilson Fisk and The Punisher butting heads with Matt Murdock through insanely choreographed fight sequences (the best in Marvel history) in the dark, gritty streets of Hell's Kitchen. Daredevil shows the grimier side of Marvel for sure, not quite as disturbing as Jessica Jones, but there's a fair share of graphic imagery. It's never gratuitous, though. The violence is real and raw, and you believe the wounds Daredevil gets in his numerous altercations, painfully so. Every little detail is accounted for, from the functionality of Foggy and Matt's lawyer firm to the martial arts techniques used in the many mind-blowingly impressive fight scenes. It all works so well; the writing is sharp, sometimes slow and brooding but it always pays off, and it's character-driven without delving into soap opera territory like many comic book shows do (though the Elektra storyline comes close).

Wilson Fisk is one of the best villains to come out of Marvel live action universe, played to perfection by Vincent D'Onofrio. The acting all around is top-notch. Charlie Cox gives a convincing performance of the blind lawyer vigilante, and Jon Bernthal as the Punisher is superb. You begin to care about every character though, even the antagonists. Frank Castle is a written as a fully fleshed out person - he does what he does for a reason that's very personal to him, and you understand why and you care. Even Foggy and Karen, who I didn't care much for in season 1, grew on me by season 2 and I really came to like some of their arcs.

The first four episodes of season 2 might be the best stretch of comic book episodes put to screen, ever. It's unbelievable. Seeing that alone should sell you on the show (but you should most certainly start with season 1). Daredevil is just something you have to experience if you're a comic book fan, or an action fan, or a fan of quality television. It's that good.
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Simply EPIC!!!
dilipdor8 January 2019
One of the greatest, fierce, realistic, intense, jaw breaking, epic Superhero TV Show, ever made. The plot , screenplay , action flicks , everything are exceptionally cool and smart. The way the action scenes are shot is simply epic and realistic which surely gives you goosebumps. A MUST WATCH for everyone who loves MARVEL, Action, Vigilantes.
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Marvel did an amazing job,, catchy intriguing writing .. the cast is fitting perfectly.
Aktham_Tashtush10 April 2015
First ,,, again as a second show i watch on Netflix after "bloodline" .. i truly love it ... showing a half season in a day is genius ,, it's like they're telling you "here's a whole season in a couple of days,then tell us what you think ."

So daredevil is not a new story for me ,, as an occasional reader of it's comics, watched the movie in 2003 .. so i can easily say this show has gone even beyond my expectation .. and if you've seen the Trailer the show is much more ;)

They presented a quick easy to understand introduction .. accident, burned eyes end of story we'll be back in a short flashbacks .. move on to more important story of now .. bravo .. The storyline is flowing perfectly so far, the crime solving, the action, the thrill is shining in abundance ,, the mysterious events seize the right moment to keep you plugged in wanting to know what's gonna happen next.

The casting is just spot on,, everyone is so emotionally invested in his character so you end up believing it is his and not to anyone but his.

The cinematography, the Visual special effects are perfect thou the soundtrack needs to rise to the occasion because it feels like it didn't hear any but in the final scene..

One episode is down four more to go for the rest of the day ;) and i know it's gonna roll in the same rhythm of sensational agitating events ... the action just begun, i'll keep you all updated :)

.................................................................... ........... Update.............................................................. .............

So the next 3 episodes moved steadily, the story flows perfectly so far no ups or downs, it gets clearer .. the problems in Hell's Kitchen start to appear.. I had some troubles finding much catchy soundtracks in the pilot but it actually grows noticeably as the episodes rolls. In episode 5 the suspense rise to a new level you won't wait a minute to watch the next episode. From episode 6 the story takes a turn to a tighter plot, focused on finding Fisk and his associates, his enemies until he become the center of the series in episode 8 ... In each episode there's a new interesting character emerges on the surface. As for the finale the "Horns" grow, had unexpected fast events leaves you speechless :D In all the episode there is always this shocking surprise they hit you with ,,

FYI: The renewal for a second season is still on the bubble..

.................................................................... .................................................................... ...........................
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This show....
Here_2_Review22 October 2018
Daredevil is some of the best I have ever seen from MCU...particularly Netflix MCU! Season 1 and 2 are good and worth your time, but season 3...omg This season is a MASTERPIECE!!!! It does everything right and even better than the first 2 seasons. This new season really fleshes out every character so much more, Matt himself, Karen, Foggy, KINGPIN, Dex, holy cow! For villainous performances, D'Onofrio was BORN to play Wilson!!! He is even a better Kingpin than in the Spiderman Ps4 game! All Netflix Kingpin has to do is sit with a straight face and still look like he will choke a person out or put a head through a table at any moment. You do not see Vincent on Kingpin at all... This is the best role of his career! Before season 3 showed up, I knew NOTHING about Ben Poindexter in the world of Marvel as far as comics or whatever.. This show gives you Pointexter's entire backstory all at once, but so cleverly well done, omg! How it does it is a long process, but NEVER drags or takes you out of the show! How Dex is portrayed in this show, when he is in the spotlight, you somewhat give a crap about him. This season gives the audience who has never picked up a comic, like myself...all the help needed to learn way more about Matt, Karen, Foggy, etc in through the best performances I have ever seen in this show.. The character development is beautiful, the tone, everything. This season is just a beautiful flawless masterpiece! Almost puts the first two seasons to shame! BETTER BE A FOURTH SEASON!!!
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SEASON 3 review
pavao-radic2224 October 2018
Warning: Spoilers
This is one of the best seasons of any tv show ever.Period. Where do I even start? Everything worked this time, from acting, action, screenplay, music ,... It is like a 13-hour movie which should be remembered as a masterpiece. There are no filler episodes, from the beginning to the end the pace just goes up, you learn new secrets and other mysteries are resolved while you dive deep into the Hell's Kitchen. New characters and fascinating , with Bullseye being the standout. His backstory is really well done and made even better by phenomenal acting. Best action scenes in any medium, with highlights being the prison escape, Bulletin fight and church fight. The end is just enough happy and if this season is really the end of the series, I cant imagine a better way to go!
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When Netflix Errs, We Lose
descriptives10 December 2018
Cruising the Netflix options one evening, my husband asked if there was any interest in watching "Daredevil". I was only mildly interested at best, but my husband wanted to try it, so off we went on our "Daredevil" adventure. After the first episode, we were surprised and impressed that a comic book action series could be so compelling and interesting. Actors with whom we were unacquainted drew us in completely. Not only was the script well written, the actors crawled into their characters so completely, we found ourselves thoroughly enjoying every episode. Season Three is pretty dark, and we were looking forward to the good guys finally getting their way, and then I heard the show wasn't going to be renewed. We were so disappointed in the decision. The season thus rapped up quickly, but with loose ends and much bitter disappointment. Honestly, we are dumbfounded. I guess we don't know what it takes if great scripts and great acting aren't enough.
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This show has heart!
mprime68078 December 2018
After the movie, I had very little in the way of expectations for this series. Boy, was I pleasantly surprised to be wrong. It would be easy to just praise Charlie Cox on his performance, but the fact is he was surrounded by a fantastic ensemble. You feel each of their struggles, including what it took to become Wilson Fisk. I was immediately hooked and binge-watched the entire first season.

Season 3 really hit it out of the park. To hear that Netflix canceled the series is understandable considering their posture with Disney and Hulu, but still devastating. I really hope Cox, et al, gets another swing at this on the big screen.
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One of the best superhero tv show made
ethanborrows-8228811 December 2018
This show has good acting from multiple characters that do a fantastic job portraying there characters. With great pacing great directing and great action sequences
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