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Jake Gyllenhaal Puts Being the Internet's Boyfriend on Hold to Play Spider-Man's Mysterio

Jake Gyllenhaal is making his superhero debut in Spider-Man: Far From Home, but don't get it twisted - the Stronger actor is playing a villain, which makes our decision to automatically root for him based on the scruff he's rocking in the trailer alone a little suspect, we admit.

In said teaser, which dropped on Jan. 15, Gyllenhaal can be seen at the very end of the nearly 3-minutes of new footage as he faces off against our web-slinging hero (Tom Holland) while a giant monster made of water rages nearby. Although we're used to seeing Gyllenhaal as the good guy, we already know from his chilling performance in Nightcrawler that he unquestionably has the range to play a villain. In this case, he'll be playing classic comic book villain Mysterio. While several characters have taken up the mantle of Mysterio over the years in the comics, the most high-profile incarnation
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The Sopranos Prequel Adds The Walking Dead, Bates Motel Favorites

The Sopranos prequel movie is starting to take shape. 

Jon Bernthal and Vera Farmiga are the latest additions to the cast of The Many Saints of Newark, reports Variety. 

The movie will be skipping HBO entirely and will instead release in theaters. 

No details have been revealed about who Bernthal and Farmiga will be playing. They join a cast that already includes Alessandro Nivola.

It's not uncommon for details to be scarce, especially when the project is likely still a long time away from releasing. 

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The movie will take place in the 1960s, and will feature the Newark riots.

It's unclear which characters from the series will show up, but it would be difficult to imagine a young Tony Soprano not stopping by for part of the action. 

Thankfully, The Sopranos creator, David Chase, has been part of the creative process and co-wrote the script with Lawrence Konner.
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New Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Movie to Shoot Before the End of 2019?

New Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Movie to Shoot Before the End of 2019?
The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles reboot will begin production before the end of the year, assuming everything goes according to plan. This comes from producers Andrew From and Brad Fuller, who are producing the project for Paramount Pictures, via Platinum Dunes, which is Michael Bay's production company that was also involved in the most recent iteration of the franchise. With any luck, we'll be getting another new take on the heroes in a half shell sooner rather than later.

This was revealed by producers Andrew From and Brad Fuller during an interview at the Critics Choice Awards. The producing duo was there on behalf of A Quiet Place, which was a huge hit at the box office and has been getting some love during the awards season circuit so far. During the interview, they revealed that not only is the reboot definitely happening, but that the hope is to
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Charlie Cox Still Hoping For A Daredevil And Spider-Man Team-Up

Daredevil might be dead, but the star of the Netflix series is still hoping to cross paths with another Marvel superhero at some point. Charlie Cox has never been shy about voicing his enthusiasm for a potential crossover with Tom Holland’s Spider-Man in an McU movie and, even though his show was cancelled after just three seasons, the British actor has still got his fingers crossed.

While attending Ace Comic-Con Arizona over the weekend, Cox was asked the perennial question of which Marvel hero he’d like to team up with. Before he gave his answer, he made clear that he sadly doesn’t see a way that his dream choice is feasibly possible and that he doesn’t want his opinion being misconstrued as something that’s actually happening. That being said, here’s what he had to offer up:

“I mean, this is so crazy, it would never,
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Daredevil Star Charlie Cox Supports the Campaign to Save the Show

It's not over 'til it's over.

Fans of Marvel's Daredevil aren't ready to let the show fade into oblivion, so they've put together an impressively well-organized campaign to save the series -- only, instead of targeting its original locale Netflix with demands for show salvation, where such a plea


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Charlie Cox Still Hasn’t Seen Daredevil Season 3

In perhaps a crueler twist than the finger snap at the end of Avengers: Infinity War, Marvel fans were treated to the fantastic third season of Daredevil last October, a run that many were calling the best season of the Defenders corner of the McU. But just a few weeks later, the bombshell came that this was to be the final season of the Man Without Fear’s series.

Since then, many have probably rewatched season 3 again and again – through tears – trying to get back to a happier time when we all thought Daredevil had a few more seasons left to go. Interestingly, however, Matt Murdock himself, Charlie Cox, is taking the opposite approach to the show’s cancellation, as he hasn’t even seen the latest season yet.

While attending Ace Comic-Con in Phoenix, Arizona, Cox was asked by a fan what scenes that were filmed for season 3 didn’t make the cut.
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Marvel's "Moon Knight" TV Series

According to reports, there is renewed interest in Marvel Comics' "Moon Knight" to be adapted as a live-action TV series, with "Daredevil" showrunner Steven S. DeKnight looking to get involved:

"I wouldn’t mind taking a crack at 'Moon Knight', said DeKnight. There are so many characters that I love in the 'Marvel Universe'....

"I’d love to see Moon Knight get a little bit of love. Great, great character."

"Moon Knight" was created for Marvel Comics by writer Doug Moench and illustrator Don Perlin, debuting in "Werewolf by Night" #32 (August 1975).

"...former boxer, 'Us Marine' and 'CIA'operative, 'Marc Spector' is left for dead in the Egyptian desert after a battle with the mercenary 'Bushman'.

"However, he is given a second chance at life by the alien Egyptian moon god 'Khonshu', who offers him the chance to become the god's 'Avatar on Earth'.

"After defeating Bushman,
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Daredevil Showrunner Teases New Project With The Same Cast

Marvel fans were crushed when Netflix announced late last year that they were cancelling Daredevil after just three seasons. Arguably the most popular of the streaming service’s collaborations with Marvel Television, the Hornhead’s show was particularly beloved for its talented cast, including Charlie Cox, Deborah Ann Woll, Elden Hensen and, of course, Vincent D’Onofrio as Wilson Fisk.

Unfortunately, the attempts to get Netflix to change their minds about the series’ future since then have come to naught, and from what we’ve heard about the strained relationship between Netflix and Marvel behind the scenes and the complicated contractual factors, it seems unlikely that Daredevil will get renewed. At least showrunner Erik Oleson’s making the best of a sad situation though and is now teasing that he’s working on a new project which should excite fans.

One user on Twitter asked Oleson if, in the absence
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Rotten Tomatoes Names ‘Black Panther,’ ‘Roma’ the Best Reviewed Films of 2018 — Golden Tomato Awards

Rotten Tomatoes has announced its winners for the 2018 Golden Tomato Awards, spotlighting the movies that earned the most critical acclaim throughout last year. Ryan Coogler’s “Black Panther,” which is on track to become the first superhero blockbuster to earn a Best Picture nomination at the Oscars, topped the Wide Release category by earning an incredible 97% from 447 reviews. Best Picture rival “Roma,” from writer-director Alfonso Cuarón, placed first in the Limited Release category with a 96% from 312 reviews.

The winners for the Golden Tomato Awards are based not just on the score of each film but also on the amount of reviews counted. Many people will note that Debra Granik’s beloved Sundance drama “Leave No Trace” ended 2018 with a rare 100% Rotten Tomatoes score. The reason “Leave No Trace” did not top the Limited Release category is because its score was based on 207 reviews (still a remarkable achievement), compared to “Roma
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Marvel's The Punisher Season 2 Is Still All About Frank and Billy, and Nothing Else Matters

Marvel's The Punisher is going to be canceled. That's the harsh truth. Netflix and Marvel are almost certainly severing all ties after four years and a fruitful partnership that, by the time it is over, will have produced three seasons of both Daredevil and Jessica Jones (the third is expected to


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The Punisher Season 2 Review (Spoiler Free)

Tyler McCarthy Jan 14, 2019

The Punisher Season 2 is a big improvement over the first season. Hopefully Marvel and Netflix keep it going.

After seeing the titular hero brutally avenge the death of his family in both Daredevil Season 2 and The Punisher Season 1 in what felt like two back-to-back origin stories, Frank Castle is back in The Punisher Season 2. However, this time, with the people responsible for the murder of his wife and children dead (or worse), fans are treated to an exploration of what happens when Frank has to find his own war.

Anyone who knows me, or has had the misfortune of being cornered by me at a party in the last year, knows that I was not the biggest fan of The Punisher Season 1. It wasted a completely competent origin story gifted to it by Daredevil that ended with Frank Castle suiting up in all his trench coat and skull-vest glory,
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The Punisher Season 2 Trailer: An Old Villain Returns

Frank Castle (Jon Bernthal) is out for blood on the official trailer for The Punisher Season 2 when his old foe Billy Russo (Ben Barnes) returns with an agenda.

Frank “can run but he can’t hide from who he’s meant to be. Season 2 finds Frank in all-too-familiar territory," reads the official logline for the new season.

"With Castle’s former brother-in-arms Billy Russo slowly beginning to heal from the traumatic brain injury Frank inflicted on him, it’s only a matter of time before Billy starts to put the pieces of the puzzle back together.”

Billy is not ready to let Frank off the hook for what went down on The Punisher Season 1, so he sets his sights on some cold hard revenge, and not even the young woman Frank is looking after is safe.

Oh yes, Frank has someone along for the ride and she's going to need
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New ‘Punisher’ Season 2 Trailer: Things Get Uglier & Bloodier For Frank Castle

Netflix’s “The Punisher” seems to be a dead man walking, so to speak. After the recent cancellations of damn-near all of its Marvel TV brethren, including “Daredevil,” “Iron Fist,” and “Luke Cage,” it would appear that Frank Castle isn’t long for this streaming world. That being said, if the new trailer for Season 2 is any indication, “The Punisher” is going out with one hell of a bang.

Season 2 of “The Punisher” seemingly picks up where the last season left off.

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Marvel’s ‘The Punisher’ Final Trailer: No ‘Daredevil’ In Season 2, Lots Of Blood

Marvel’s ‘The Punisher’ Final Trailer: No ‘Daredevil’ In Season 2, Lots Of Blood
If Frank Castle’s first appearance in Season 2 of Daredevil and Season 1 of Marvel’s The Punisher taught us anything it is that no one leaves a trail of carnage behind like the ruthless vigilante played by Jon Bernthal.

Today, just over one week before the second season of one of the last two Marvel series on Netflix launches, the latest trailer shows the body count has risen and the villains are more crazed than ever.

“I dream about the Punisher every night,” says one of those villains, the returning Billy Russo Aka Jigsaw in the comics and portrayed by Ben Barnes in the new look at the new season. “He thinks he has the right to judge me,” adds Castle’s former friend and betrayer who was left for near dead with his face smashed in glass last season. “I want him to feel what I felt.”

Brothers no more.
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‘Marvel’s The Punisher’ Trailer: Season 2’s Biggest Foes Get Revealed

Frank Castle, when last Marvel fans saw him, had seemed like he was on the path towards a happier life. But there’s no rest for the Punisher, and as the new trailer for Season 2 of the series reveals, maybe he wants it that way.

And he also has a new reason to commit violence — per the official description, provided by Netflix:

Former marine-turned-vigilante Frank Castle (Jon Bernthal) has been living a quiet life on the road until he suddenly becomes embroiled in the attempted murder of a young girl (Giorgia Whigham). As he is drawn into the mystery surrounding her and those in pursuit of the information she holds, Castle attracts a new target on his back as new and old enemies force him to confront whether he should accept his destiny and embrace a life as “The Punisher.”

The new trailer also reveals just what Frank did
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Vision and Scarlet Witch Marvel TV Series Gets Showrunner

Mike Cecchini Jan 10, 2019

One of the writers of Captain Marvel will be steering the Vision and Scarlet Witch TV series on Disney Plus.

You think there's a lot of Marvel programming out there now? Just you wait. Even with the unceremonious cancelation of Daredevil, the slightly more ceremonious cancelation of Iron Fist, and the inevitable cancelations of The Punisher and Jessica Jones, there will be plenty of Marvel TV coming your way. Indeed, like a Hydra, cut of one Marvel TV show and two more shall take its place. Or in this case, one with two leads.

The first batch of Marvel TV shows on the upcoming Disney Plus streaming service will include Vision and the Scarlet Witch, a series about the unlikely pairing of an android and a mutant (?) magic user/probability manipulator. Well, it's not that unlikely to long time Marvel Comics fans, as Vision and Scarlet Witch
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Excelsior! A Stan Lee Celebration Taking Place In Los Angeles with Kevin Smith Hosting

A tribute of grand proportions is scheduled to take place on January 30th in Los Angeles at the Tcl Chinese Theatre in dedication to the life of the late, great Stan Lee. Actor, director, and lifetime fan Kevin Smith, companies Legion M and Agents of Mayhem, plus Lee’s Pow! Entertainment are putting on the show, which will act as a benefit to The Hero Initiative, the non-profit that helps aged comic creators in need.

There will be a public display in the courtyard, with the private tribute inside the theatre. There will be a limited number of tickets available to fans, going on sale this evening at 5 pm Pt, with proceeds going to The Hero Initiative.

The outdoor portion of the event will feature art, music, props, and costumes from Lee’s body of work, while the indoor portion will feature Smith hosting conversations with celebrity guests that include Mark Hamill,
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Why S.J. Clarkson Is Perfect to Direct the ‘Game of Thrones’ Prequel

Why S.J. Clarkson Is Perfect to Direct the ‘Game of Thrones’ Prequel
For a particular subset of TV fans, the only thing that matters in 2019 is the six remaining “movie-esque” episodes of “Game of Thrones.” But in close second place is the greenlit untitled prequel series, taking place thousands of years before the HBO juggernaut but offering a whole new level of insight into the world of Westeros.

On Tuesday, HBO announced that who would be directing the pilot for said prequel, and it’s a choice which should have those fans pretty excited — because British director S.J. Clarkson has stealthily become one of TV’s most reliable directors in recent years.

Clarkson got her start directing iconic British soap operas including “Doctors,” “Eastenders,” and “Casualty,” before becoming a key part of the acclaimed surreal crime drama “Life on Mars,” directing six episodes, including the final two episodes of Season 2 and that show’s iconic ending.

She hasn’t abandoned the UK — the four-part miniseries “Collateral,
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Rosario Dawson and Senator Cory Booker Spark Dating Rumors After Night Out on Broadway

Rosario Dawson and Senator Cory Booker Spark Dating Rumors After Night Out on Broadway
Washington, meet Hollywood. Rosario Dawson and Senator Cory Booker have been sparking dating rumors as of late, especially after the two of them attended the Broadway hit Dear Evan Hansen together. A source confirmed to E! News that the Daredevil actress and New Jersey lawmaker "appeared to be a couple." In fact, they brought some family members along to the musical as well. The source said Dawson's daughter and Booker's niece were there, too. After the show, the 39-year-old got onstage and gave a little performance of her own as she sang an impromptu tune that said "I love you" in it. They also took photos with cast members, including lead actors Taylor Trensch and...
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New Images From Animated Feature ‘Reign Of The Supermen’

Warner Bros. and DC have released a bunch of new stills from the upcoming Reign Of The Supermen, a new animated feature coming to cinemas next week as one half of a double feature. Packaged with the film is The Death Of Superman, DC’s’ landmark 1992-93 comic phenomenon, featuring an all-star voice cast led by Jerry O’Connell, Rebecca Romijn and Rainn Wilson as the voices of Superman, Lois Lane and Lex Luthor, respectively.

Warner Bros./ DC

The potent trio is joined by the DC Universe Movies’ returning voices of the Justice League: Jason O’Mara as Batman, Rosario Dawson as Wonder Woman, Shemar Moore as Cyborg, Nathan Fillion as Green Lantern/Hal Jordan, and Christopher Gorham as The Flash.

Here’s the plot for The Death of Superman as provided by the studio.

An Asteroid hurtles through our atmosphere and with it arrives an unstoppable force known only as Doomsday.
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