How Green Was My Valley (1941) Poster

Barry Fitzgerald: Cyfartha



  • Dai Bando : A man is never too old to learn, is it, Mr. Jonas?

    Mr. Jonas : [uncertainly]  No.

    Dai Bando : I was in school myself once, but no great one for knowledge.

    Mr. Jonas : [angrily, shaking his cane]  Look here, what do you want?

    Dai Bando : Knowledge.

    [taking Mr. Jonas' cane] 

    Dai Bando : How would you go about taking the measurement of a stick, Mr. Jonas?

    Mr. Jonas : By its' length, of course.

    Dai Bando : And how would you measure a man who would use a stick on a boy one-third his size?

    [throws Mr. Jonas' cane aside] 

    Cyfartha : Tell us!

    Dai Bando : Now, you are good in the use of a stick, but boxing is my subject... according to the rules laid down by the good Marquis of Queensbury.

    Cyfartha : [saluting]  God rest his soul!

    Dai Bando : And happy I am to pass on my knowledge to you!

    [backhands Mr. Jonas, sending him reeling] 

  • Dai Bando : Position again.

    [Dai Bando and Cyfartha drag Mr. Jonas to his feet] 

    Dai Bando : Could I have your attention, boys and girls? I am not accustomed to speaking in public...

    Cyfartha : Only public houses.

    Dai Bando : But this -

    [backhands Mr. Jonas in the nose, sending him sprawling] 

    Dai Bando : never use. It's against the rules. Break a man's nose. Now then -

    [turns to find Mr. Jonas collapsed against the wall, unconscious] 

    Dai Bando : I'm afraid he will never make a boxer.

    Cyfartha : No aptitude for knowledge.

  • Mr. Gruffydd : Who is for Gwilym Morgan and the others?

    Dai Bando : I, for one. He is the blood of my heart. Come, Cyfartha.

    Cyfartha : ...'Tis a coward I am. But I will hold your coat.

  • Dai Bando : [Cyfartha is holding Mr. Jonas in boxing position]  Now look, to make a good boxer, you must have a good... *right hand*, you see?

    [strikes Mr. Jonas with a right jab, the force of which knocks Mr. Jonas into the wall] 

    Dai Bando : Now, you see, that is how you will punish your man - with a right and a left, and put your shoulder into it!

    [Mr. Jonas is slumped against the wall, dazed] 

    Cyfartha : The gentleman is talking to you!

  • Mr. Morgan : Go along with you girl, a cup of tea for the men, is it?

    Beth Morgan : Tea?

    Cyfartha : Tea? No tea, Mrs. Morgan. In training he is.

    [holding up two fingers] 

    Cyfartha : A glass of beer, if you please.

    Beth Morgan : [exasperated sigh] 

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