‘Informer’ Review: Solid Counterterrorism Drama For Anyone ‘Bodyguard’ Left Cold

“Informer” is a show in which people die, a certainty that’s presented mere minutes into its opening episode. The new Amazon Prime Video series begins with an act of wanton violence not merely to thrust audiences into a world of brutality and warped justification, but to show that there is a cost to the six-part story about to unfold.

It’s not rooted in miraculous feats of bravery or redemptive acts that can wipe away years of misleading and uncertainty. It’s a pursuit of justice and public safety that acknowledges a human price at the beginning of each chapter. In the context of an unfolding story about policing, intelligence gathering and the informants recruited to be literal eyes and ears in those efforts, “Informer” also fashions a story that reevaluates how much that potential price is worth it.

“Informer,” which originally premiered on the BBC last fall and
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