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  • (1937 - 1957) Active on Broadway in the following productions:
  • (1937) Stage Play: Golden Boy. Drama. Written by Clifford Odets. Stage Manager: Alan Woolfson. Assistant Stage Manager: Martin Ritt and Bert Conway. Directed by Harold Clurman. Belasco Theatre: 4 Nov 1937- Jun 1938 (closing date unknown/250 performances). Cast: Luther Adler (as "Joe Bonaparte"), Roman Bohnen (as "Tom Moody"), Phoebe Brand (as "Anna"), Harry Morgan [credited as Harry Bratsburg] (as "Pepper White") [Broadway debut], Morris Carnovsky (as "Mr. Bonaparte"), Lee J. Cobb (as "Mr. Carp"), Bert Conway (as "Call Boy") [Broadway debut], Charles Crisp, Howard Da Silva (as "Lewis"), Frances Farmer (as "Lorna Moon"), John Garfield (as "Siggie") [credited as Jules Garfield], Michael Gordon, Elia Kazan (as "Eddie Fuselli"), Robert Lewis, Charles Niemeyer, John O'Malley, Martin Ritt (as "Sam"), Karl Malden (as "Barker") [credited as Mladen Sekulovich] (Broadway debut), Art Smith (as "Tokio"). Produced by The Group Theatre. Note: Filmed by Columbia Pictures Corp. as Golden Boy (1939). Note: Mr. Carnovsky's role was played by Lee J. Cobb in the 1939 film. Ironically, Cobb was one of the actors to name names at the House Un-American Activities Committee hearings, at which Carnovsky was blacklisted.
  • (1938) Stage Play: How to Get Tough About It. Comedy. Written by Robert Ardrey. Directed by Guthrie McClintic. Martin Beck Theatre: 8 Feb 1938- Feb 1938 (closing date unknown/23 performances). Cast: José Ferrer (as "Vergez"), Connie Gilchrist, Hans Hamsa, Fred Howard, George J. Lewis, Katherine Locke (as "Kitty"), Karl Malden (as "Joe"), Ruth March, Myron McCormick (as "Dan Grimshaw"), Millard Mitchell (as "Billy Boy"), George Nash, Jack Riggo, Ralph Riggs, Kent Smith (as "Matt Grogan"). Produced by Guthrie McClintic.
  • (1938) Stage Play: Missouri Legend. Comedy.
  • (1939) Stage Play: The Gentle People. Drama. Written by Irwin Shaw. Scenic Design by Boris Aronson. Directed by Harold Clurman. Belasco Theatre: 5 Jan 1939- May 1939 (closing date unknown/141 performances). Cast: Katherine Allen, Roman Bohnen (as "Philip Anagnos"), Harry Bratsburg, Grover Burgess (as "Judge"), Lee J. Cobb (as "Lammanawitz"), Lulla David, Sam Jaffe (as "Jonah Goodman"), Elia Kazan (as "Eli Lieber"), Karl Malden (as "Magruder"), Martin Ritt (as "Polack"), Sylvia Sidney (as "Stella Goodman"), George Skelton, Franchot Tone (as "Harold Goff"). Produced by The Group Theatre.
  • (1939) Stage Play: Key Largo. Drama. Written by Maxwell Anderson. Scenic Design by Jo Mielziner. Directed by Guthrie McClintic. Ethel Barrymore Theatre: 27 Nov 1939- 24 Feb 1940 (105 performances). Cast: Paul Muni (as "King McCloud"), Evelyn Abbott, Richard Barbee (as "Mr. Wheeler"), Richard Bishop, Helen Carroll, William Challee (as "Osceola Horn"), Richard Cowdery, Crahan Denton, Charles Ellis, Alfred Etcheverry, John Fearnley, José Ferrer (as "Victor D'Alcala"), James Gregory (as "Jerry") [Broadway debut], Uta Hagen (as "Alegre D'Alcala"), Goldie Hannelin, Averell Harris, Ethel Jackson, Harold Johnsrud, Karl Malden (as "Hunk"), Ruth March, Norma Millay, Hudson Shotwell, Ralph Theodore, Frederic Tozere (as "Murillo"). Produced by The Playwrights' Company (Maxwell Anderson, S.N. Behrman, Elmer Rice, Robert E. Sherwood, Sidney Howard).
  • (1940) Stage Play: Journey to Jerusalem. Drama. Written by Maxwell Anderson. Scenic Design by Jo Mielziner. Directed and co-produced by Elmer Rice. National Theatre: 5 Oct 1940- 19 Oct 1940 (17 performances). Cast included: Arlene Francis, James Gregory, Sidney Lumet, Karl Malden, Joseph Wiseman. Produced by The Playwrights' Company (Maxwell Anderson, S.N. Behrman, Elmer Rice, Robert E. Sherwood, Sidney Howard).
  • (1940) Stage Play: Flight to the West. Written by Elmer Rice. Scenic Design by Jo Mielziner. Directed by Elmer Rice. Guild Theatre: (moved to The Royale Theatre from 4 Mar 1941 to close): 30 Dec 1940- 26 Apr 1941 (136 performances). Cast: Harald Dyrenforth, Betty Field, Paul Henreid, Karl Malden, Paul Mann, Hugh Marlowe, Charles Nathan, Boris Marshalov, Kevin McCarthy, Constance McKay, Eleonora Mendelssohn, Arnold Moss, Don Nevins, Helen Renee, Grandon Rhodes, James Seeley, Lydia St. Clair, John Triggs, Rudolph Weiss. Produced by The Playwrights' Company (Maxwell Anderson, S.N. Behrman, Elmer Rice, Robert E. Sherwood, Sidney Howard).
  • (1942) Stage Play: Uncle Harry. Drama. Written by Thomas Job. Directed by Lem Ward. Broadhurst Theatre (moved to The Hudson Theatre from 12 Sep 1942 to close): 20 May 1942- 9 May 1943 (430 performances). Cast: Eva Le Gallienne (as "Lettie"), Joseph Schildkraut (as "A Man"), Bruce Adams, Isabel Arden, Stephen Chase, Colville Dunn, A.P. Kaye, Adelaide Klein, Karl Malden (as "Ben"), John McGovern, Wauna Paul, Beverly Roberts, Leona Roberts, Guy Sampsel, Ralph Theodore (as "Blake"). Produced by Clifford Hayman. Produced in association with Lennie Hatten.
  • (1942) Stage Play: The Sun Field. Comedy. Written by Milton Lazarus, based on the novel by Heywood Broun. Biltmore Theatre: 9 Dec 1942- 12 Dec 1942 (5 performances). Cast: Joel Ashley, Fay Baker, Jay Brassfield, Georgia Burke, Lewis Charles, Herbert Duffy, Dorothy Eaton, Richard H. Gordon, Regis Joyce, Betty Kean, Robert Lynn, Karl Malden (as "Carl Randolph"), Katherine Meskill, Richard Midgley, Claudia Morgan, Frank Otto, Donald Randolph, Frederick Sherman, Bill Stern, Florence Sundstrom, Tom Tully. Produced by Howard Lang.
  • (1943) Stage Play: Counterattack. Drama. Written by Janet Stevenson and Philip Stevenson. Based on a Russian Play by Ilya Vershinin and Mikhail Ruderman. Directed by Margaret Webster. Windsor Theatre: (moved to The Adelphi Theatre from 20 Mar 1943 to close): 4 Feb 1943- 17 Apr 1943 (85 performances). Cast: Rudolph Anders, Morris Carnovsky (as "Kulkov"), Barbara O'Neil, Martin Wolfson (as "Stillmann"), Richard Basehart (as "Weiler"), Bert Freed, Douglas Hubbard, John Ireland (as "Krafft"), Orin Jannings (as "Barsky"), Karl Malden (as "Giltzparer"), Phillip Pine, Richard Rudi, Richard Sanders, Harold J. Stone (as "German Sergeant"), John Thomas, Sam Wanamaker (as "Kirichenko"). Produced by Lee Sabinson.
  • (1943) Stage Play: Sons and Soldiers. Drama. Written by Irwin Shaw. Scenic Design by Norman Bel Geddes. Directed by Max Reinhardt. Morosco Theatre: 4 May 1943- 22 May 1943 (22 performances). Cast: Stella Adler (as "Catherine Carnrick"), William Beach (as "Mr. Leverhook"), Albert Bergh (as "Catherine's Escort"), Ted Donaldson (as "Ernest Tadlock as a Child"), Geraldine Fitzgerald (as "Rebecca Tadlock"), Edward Forbes (as "Mark Lowry"), Martha Greenhouse (as "Miss Gillespie"), Sara Lee (as "Harris Marie"), Phyllis Hill (as "Carol"), Harriet Jackson (as "Alice"), Audrey Long (as "Dora Applegate"), Karl Malden (as "Matthew Graves"), Roderick Maybee (as "Anthony"), Joan McSweeney (as "Dora Applegate as a Child"), Millard Mitchell (as "Victor Carnrick"), Edward Nannery (as "The Mailman"), Gregory Peck (as "Andrew Tadlock"), Herbert Rudley (as "John Tadlock"), Bobbie Schenck (as "Lincoln Graves as a Child"), Leonard Sues (as "Lincoln Graves"), Kenneth Tobey (as "Ernest Tadlock"), Roy Dana Tracy (as "Minister"), Jesse White (as "The Salesman") [Broadway debut], Jack Willett (as "Andrew Tadlock as a Child"). Produced by Max Reinhardt, Norman Bel Geddes and Richard Meyers.
  • (1943) Stage Play: Winged Victory. Musical drama. Written by Moss Hart. Incidental music by Sgt. David Rose. Music arranged by Sgt. David Rose. Assistant Musical Dir.: M/Sgt. Norman Leyden. Featuring songs by Carmen Dragon, Franz Gruber, Joseph Mohr and Robert Crawford. 44th Street Theatre: 20 Nov 1943- 20 May 1944 (212 productions). Cast: Sgt. John Ademy, Cpl. Jerry Hilliard Adler, Pvt. John Andes, Cpl. Richard Annis, Florence Aquino, Cpl. Edward Ashley, Mrs. Edward Ashley, Faith Avery', 'Phyllis Avery, Mathilde Baring, Capt. Sidney Bassler, Cpl. Etienne Bauer, Mrs. Alan Baxter, Pvt. Alan Baxter, Pvt. Richard Beach, 2nd Lt. Don Beddoe (as "Colonel Blakely"), Capt. Raye Bidwell, Pvt. Whit Bissell (as "Lt. Jules Hudson"), Joan Black, Pfc. Kenneth Black, Pvt. Ramon Blackburn, Pvt. Royce Blackburn, Pvt. Robert Blakeman, Pvt. Philip Bourneuf (as "Colonel Gibney"), S/Sgt. Sascha Brastoff, Mrs. Robert I. Braun, Sgt. Horace Brynolfson, Pfc. Thomas Burdick, Pfc. James Burke, Pvt. Red Buttons (as "Whitey"), Mrs. William Cahan, Sgt. David Calvin, Cpl. Robert Cantell, Sgt. Frank Chamberlin, Shirley Chambers, Pfc. Dick Chandlee, Mrs. Thomas Charlesworth, Pfc. Thomas Charlesworth, Cpl. Ira Cirker, Pvt. Lee J. Cobb (as "Doctor Baker"), Pvt. Alfred Cocozza, Pvt. Eugene Conley, Mary Cooper, Cpl. Fred Cotton, Sgt. Howard Cranford, Cpl. Mark Daniels, Mrs. Mark Daniels, S/Sgt. Frank Davis, Pfc. John Deane, Olive Deering (as "Ruth"), Pfc. Thomas Dillon, Cpl. Milton Douglas, Mrs. Milton Douglas, Cpl. Russell W. Drewes, Mrs. Michael Duane, Pvt. Michael Duane, Sgt. David Durston, Katherine Eames, Helen Eastman, Pvt. George Edwards, 2nd Lt. Frank Egan, Pvt. John Elliott, Mrs. James Engler, Cpl. Tommy Farrell (as "Ensemble"), Mrs. Abe Feder, Elfin Finn, Mrs. Arthur Finne, Pvt. Arthur Finne, Pfc. Kenneth Forbes, Pvt. John Ford, Pvt. John Forsythe (as "Ensemble"), Sgt. D.J. Fradenburg, Elisabeth Fraser, Sgt. Carl Fredrickson, Genevieve Frizzell, Mrs. Gilbert Frye, Sgt. Gilbert Frye, Pvt. Dave Gaber, S/Sgt. Gordon Gaines, Cpl. Charles Gavek, Pvt. Hayes Gordon, Mrs. Thomas Grace, Sgt. Thomas Grace, Pvt. A.L. Green, Pfc. John Green, Sgt. George Griffin, Virginia Hammond, Pfc. Donald Hanmer, Pvt. Michael Harvey, S/Sgt. Peter Lind Hayes (as "O'Brien"), Pfc. Pitt Herbert, Gilbert Herman, Pvt. Bert Hicks, 1st Lt. George Hoffmann, Mrs. Dick Hogan, Pvt. Dick Hogan, Cpl. Donald Hultgren, Pvt. Milton Hultgren, Sgt. Rune Hultman, T/5 Jay Hyde, Pfc. Alan Jason, Mrs. William Justice, Pvt. William Justice, Sgt. Frank Kane, Mrs. Herman Kantor, Mrs. Paul Kaye, Pvt. Paul Kaye, Pvt. John R. Kearney, Pvt. James Keogan, Pvt. Alfred Kunz, Mrs. Stuart Langley, Pvt. Stuart Langley, Cpl. James Larmore, Cpl. John Lawler, Mary Lenhardt, Pvt. Harry Lewis, Mrs. John Macmillan, Pvt. John Macmillan, Pvt. Louis J. Magyar, Pvt. Karl Malden (as "Adams"), Sgt. Zeke Manners, Pvt. William Marshall, Pfc. James Mattingly, Pfc. Robert J. Mauch (as "Ensemble"), Pfc. Billy Mauch (as "Ensemble"), Sgt. Kevin McCarthy (as "Ronny Meade"), Jean McCoy, Pfc. Ray McDonald, Mrs. Edward McMahon, Pfc. Ed McMahon, Mrs. Norman Mendelson, Pfc. Norman M. Mendelson, Cpl. Gary Merrill (as "Captain McIntyre"), Mrs. Gary Merrill, Pvt. Ray Merrill, Sgt. Joseph Meyer, Sgt. Ray Middleton (as "Lt. Sperry"), Ellen Miller, Pvt. Barry Mitchell, Pvt. Kent Morrison, Pvt. Robert Nash, Pvt. William Nash, 1st Lt. William Neil, Mrs. William Neil, Pvt. Barry Nelson (as "Bobby Grills"), Cpl. Eugene Nelson, Pfc. Edmond O'Brien (as "Irving Miller"), Pvt. Damian O'Flynn, Margaret Parmentier, Pvt. Cy Perkins, Pvt. George Petrie, Laura Pierpont (as "Mrs. Gardner"), Cpl. James Polack, Pvt. Jack Powell, Sgt. Jack Proctor, Pvt. James Rafferty, Sgt. Salvatore Randazzo, Sgt. Edward Reardon, Cpl. Earl Redding, Pvt. Walter Reed, Mrs. George Reeves, Sgt. George Reeves (as "Lt. Thompson"), Cpl. Don Richards, Pvt. Grant Richards, Mrs. Carroll Riddle, 1st Lt. Carroll C. Riddle, Pfc. Martin Ritt (as "Gleason"), Mrs. Archie Robbins, Pvt. Archie Robbins, Pfc. Robert Rose, Pvt. Emanuel Rosenberg, Pfc. Anthony Ross, Pfc. Arthur Ross, Pvt. Henry Rowland, Elsa Ryan, Pvt. Alfred Ryder, S/Sgt. Danny Scholl, Pfc. David Scott, Sgt. Wilbur Sheibels, Pfc. Douglas Sibole, Pvt. Henry Slate, Pvt. Jack Slate, Pvt. Dan Stanley, Pvt. Robert Stevens, Mrs. Julian Stockdale, Pvt. Julian Stockdale, Mrs. Claude Stroud, Pvt. Claude Stroud, Mrs. Elliot Sullivan, Pvt. Elliot Sullivan, Cpl. Frederick Sullivan, Cpl. David Sureck, Pvt. Don Taylor, Pfc. Forrest Thompson, Pfc. James Thompson, Pvt. John Tyers, Pfc. Kenneth Utt, Pvt. Howard Vanderberg, Pvt. George Wainwright, Cpl. Finley Walker, Laura Walker, Sgt. Fred Weisberg, Sgt. Frank Whitmore, Pvt. Jack Willey, Mrs. Robert Willey, Sgt. Robert Willey, Pvt. Jack Williams, Cpl. Joseph Williams, Sgt. Victor Young, Sgt. Jerome Zimmerman. Produced by The U.S. Army Air Forces. Note: Actors in this production were on active duty in the armed forces at the time of production and credited under their various ranks.
  • (1945) Stage Play: The Assassin. Written by Irwin Shaw. Directed by Martin Gabel. National Theatre: 17 Oct 1945- 27 Oct 1945 (13 performances). Produced by Carly Wharton and Martin Gabel. Produced in association with Alfred Bloomingdale.
  • (1946) Stage Play: Truckline Cafe. Written by Maxwell Anderson. Scenic Design by Boris Aronson. Costume Design by Millia Davenport. Directed by Harold Clurman. Belasco Theatre: 27 Feb 1946- 9 Mar 1946 (13 performances). Cast: Joseph Adams (as "Second Man"), Marlon Brando (as "Sage McRae"), Irene Dailey (as "Angie"), Joann Dolan (as "Evvie Garrett"), Leila Ernst (as "Sissie"), Louis A. Florence (as "Matt"), Lou Gilbert (as "Man With a Pail"), Virginia Gilmore (as "Anne"), Solen Hayes (as "First Man"), Peter Hobbs (as "The Breadman"), Lorraine Kirby (as "First Woman"), Karl Malden (as "Stag"), David Manners (as "Wing Commander Hern"), June March (as "Mildred"), Kevin McCarthy (as "Maurice"), Peggy Meredith (as "Janet"), Anne Morgan (as "First Girl"), Frank Overton (as "Toby"), Richard Paul (as "Bimi"), Ann Shepherd (as "Tory McRae"), Robert Simon (as "Patrolman Gray"), Eugene Steiner (as "Tuffy Garrett"), Rose Steiner (as "Second Woman"), Gloria Stroock (as "Second Girl"), John Sweet (as "Stew"), Ralph Theodore (as "Kip"), Kenneth Tobey (as "Hutch"), Joanne Tree (as "Celeste"), June Walker (as "Min"), Richard Waring (as "Mort"), Jutta Wolf (as "June"). Produced by Harold Clurman and Elia Kazan, in association with The Playwrights' Company (Maxwell Anderson, Elmer Rice, Robert E. Sherwood, S.N. Behrman, John F. Wharton).
  • (1947) Stage Play: All My Sons. Drama.
  • (1947) Stage Play: A Streetcar Named Desire. Drama.
  • (1951) Stage Play: Peer Gynt (Revival). ANTA Playhouse: 28 Jan 1951- 24 Feb 1951 (32 performances). Cast: Joseph Anthony (as "Solveig's Father/Monsieur Ballon/Dr. Begriffenfeldt"), Aviva (as "A Singer"), Lisa Baker (as "Mads Mother/Kari/Ensemble'), Edward Binns' (as "Mads Father/Herr Von Eberkopf/Ensemble"), Patricia Birsh (as "Anitra's Attendant/Ensemble/Dancer"), Ann Boley (as "An Elderly Woman/Ensemble"), Beverlee Bozeman (as "3rd Herd Girl/Ensemble/Dancer"), Sherry Britton (as "A Greenclad Woman"), Irving Burton (as "Ensemble/Dancer"), Rebecca Darke (as "Ingrid/Ensemble"), Mildred Dunnock (as "Aase, a Peasant Widow"), Bob Emmett (as "Anitra's Attendant/Ensemble/Dancer"), Margaret Feury (as "Ensemble"), John Garfield (as "Peer Gynt, Her Son"), Barbara Gaye (as "2nd Herd Girl/Anitra's Attendant/Ensemble/Dancer"), Ray Gordon (as "An Elderly Man/A Thief/The Master Cook/Ensemble"), Anne Hegira (as "Solveig's Mother/Ensemble"), Hillel (as "The Flutist"), Stuart Hodes (as "Anitra's Attendant/Ensemble/Dancer"), Ed Horner (as "The Ugly Brat/A Healer/Ensemble"), Pearl Lang (as "Solveig"), Karl Malden (as "A Buttonmolder"), Peggy Meredith (as "Ingrid's Mother/Ensemble"), Mahlon Naill (as "Mads Moen/Ensemble"), Sono Osato (as "Anitra"), Lucille Patton (as "1st Herd Girl/Ensemble"), Dancer"), Nehemiah Persoff (as "Ingrid's Father/The Troll King"), Richard Purdy (as "Mr. Cotton/Hussein/Ensemble"), John Randolph (as "Aslak, a Smith/The Voice/Herr Trompetstraale/Ensemble"), Lou Yetter (as "Ensemble/Dancer"). Produced by Cheryl Crawford. Produced in association with Roger L. Stevens and ANTA (Alfred De Liagre Jr.: executive producer. Jean Dalrymple: executive director).
  • (1952) Stage Play: Desire Under the Elms. Drama (revival). Written by Eugene O'Neill. Directed by Harold Clurman. ANTA Playhouse: 16 Jan 1952 - 23 Feb 1952 (46 performances). Cast: Charles Aidman (as "Man"), Minnette Barrett, Jocelyn Brando (as "Young Girl"), Elwyn Dearborn, Colleen Dewhurst (as "Neighbor"), Donald Elson, Howard H. Fischer, Russell Gaige, Mark Gordon, Norma Hayes, George Hoxie, Karl Malden (as "Ephraim Cabot"), John McLiam, George Mitchell, Lou Polan, Barbara Schultz, Carol Stone, Douglas Watson, Jutta Wolfe. Produced by The American National Theatre and Academy. Note: Filmed by Don Hartman Productions (distributed by Paramount Pictures) as Desire Under the Elms (1958).
  • (1955) Stage Play: The Desperate Hours. Melodrama. Written by Joseph Hayes. From the novel of the same name by Joseph Hayes. Directed by Robert Montgomery. Ethel Barrymore Theatre: 10 Feb 1955- 13 Aug 1955 (212 performances). Cast: Nancy Coleman, Karl Malden (as "Dan Hillard"), Paul Newman (as "Glenn Griffin"), George Matthews, Wyrley Birch (as "Mr. Patterson"), Malcolm Brodrick (as "Ralphie Hillard"), Kendall Clark (as "Harry Carson"), Fred Eisley, James Gregory (as "Jesse Bard"), George Grizzard (as "Hank Griffin"), Rusty Lane (as "Lt. Carl Fredericks"), Mary Orr (as "Miss Swift"), Pat Peardon (as "Cindy Hilliard"), and Judson Pratt. Produced by Howard Erskine and Joseph Hayes. Note: Produced on film as The Desperate Hours (1955).
  • (1957) Stage Play: The Egghead. Drama. Written by Molly Kazan. Scenic Design by Richard Sylbert [earliest Broadway credit]. Directed by Hume Cronyn. Ethel Barrymore Theatre: 9 Oct 1957- 26 Oct 1957 (21 performances). Cast: Karl Malden (as "Hank Parson") [final Broadway role], Eduard Franz (as "Gottfried Roth"), Phyllis Love (as "Sally Parson"), Biff McGuire (as "Martin Donahue"), Ruth Attaway (as "Essie"), Kevin Drohan (as "Jackie Parson"), Graham Jarvis (as "Finney"), Nicholas Pryor (as "Roger Parson"), Lloyd Richards (as "Perry Hall"), Richard Robbins (as "Harvey Robbins"), Helen Shields (as "Madeline Robbins"), Marion Sweet (as "Annie Grierson"). Produced by Hope Abelson.
  • TV commercials: American Express Traveler's Cheques (70s-mid 80s)
  • Print advertisements for American Express Credit Card (1970s-1980s).
  • (November 16, 1984) Guested on the daytime program "AM Cleveland" also on the program was magician Doug Henning.
  • (November 6, 1939) He acted in Maxwell Anderson's play, "Key Largo," at the Hanna Theatre in Cleveland, Ohio with Jose Ferrer, Uta Hagen and Paul Muni in the cast.
  • (September 16, 1957) He acted in Molly Kazan's play, "The Egghead," in a world premiere at the Hanna Theatre in Cleveland, Ohio. Hume Cronyn was director.

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